Monday, 27 January 2014

Hawt!!! Singer Dencia Glitters In Sequin At Grammys 2014

Singer and beauty specialist Dencia who was mistaken for Nicki Minaj by some sites graced 2014 Grammy awards which took place yesterday at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA wearing a sequin jump suit paired with a pair of killer pink pumps.
But, does she look like Nicki Minaj?


  1. She's not performin on stage why is her shoe also 2 buzy jst like her dress?da shoe should have been jst normal plain den her hair packed backwards 2 me deres 2 much goin on,buh wud have been kul if she was usin da outfit 2 perform on stage.

  2. steph wait. dont u hav a life??
    must u comment u get stupidia by d day. tell me wt do u kn abt fashion?? wowo united!!

  3. *Clears throat* Just passsing --->ALICIA


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