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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Micheal Awolaja of Malivelihood gifts 2Face Idibia a customized iPhone 6 (Photos)

Micheal Awolaja of Malivelihood

Africa Based Luxury Designer & Jeweller Micheal Awolja gave Tuface Idibia a customised Iphone 6. Tuface who was so excited after receiving the very expensive and Luxurious phone says its as "Beautiful as f*ck"
customised Iphone 6

Nigerian guy brutally rapes Australian girl, flees back to Nigeria

Audrey Pekin, 19, has told how she was raped twice on Christmas Eve in Bali while holidaying with her family – and has slammed Indonesian police for letting her attacker, Henry Alafu, escape back to his native Nigeria.
An Australian teenager, Audrey Pekin, 19, has told how she was raped twice on Christmas Eve in Bali while holidaying with her family – and has slammed Indonesian police for letting her attacker, Henry Alafu, escape back to his native Nigeria.

According to Daily Mail, Audrey was brutally raped on two separate occasions.

Alafu who posed as a fake friend, told Ms Pekin a party was taking place a nearby villa, and the pair agreed to go to it together.However, during in taxi ride to the home, Ms Pekin began to feel unwell due to her type 1 diabetes.
On arriving at the house, she was not put off by the lack of noticeable noise that suggested there was no party taking place, because her illness made it ‘impossible to think’.
Before she could say jack, Alafu locked the door and forced her to the bed where he allegedly attacked her.
She sad “He went from a man to a monster, I can’t quite describe the feeling, the sadness, to know what was about to happen and that I would or could not have done anything to stop it.I was literally shaking and drooling… I threw some very feeble punches, but I could not move my arms…I could not move anything.”

After the first alleged attack, Ms Pekin said she desperately tried to escape. Alafu then followed her, and tormented her as she struggled to flee.
She sought help from passing motorists and workers in a nearby service station, but Alafu allegedly told staff to ignore her and ‘to stay out of itMs Pekin believed she was safe when a cab picked her up, only for Alafu to force his way into the cab and again allegedly rape her.
‘He kept trying to kiss me… he molested me in the back of the taxi for everyone, for the taxi driver, to see,’ He wouldn’t stop.’Ms Pekin escaped the cab when it got back into the city of Kuta, when Alafu stalked after her again.

‘He loped after me… he was laughing – he was taunting me,’It was only after another man, believed to be a fellow Australian, saw Ms Pekin was distressed and stepped in to help her.

CCTV footage captured Alafu waiting in the lobby for Ms Pekin,

‘I wish I could find that man… he deserves a medal, that man saved my life,’ Ms Pekin said.Ms Pekin’s sister, Frances, discovered her on the floor of her hotel room hours later.

‘She wasn’t even on the bed – she was next to the bed crying, shaking… in that moment I knew something, the worst had happened,’ Frances Pekin said, according to the report.The family rushed Ms Pekin to hospital, where doctors found her entire body covered in bruises.

‘He was crushing me, he nearly suffocated me… He could have killed me,’ Ms Pekin said.The 19-year-old then had a ‘virginity test’ at Sanglah Hospital, which she said was similar to a ‘third assault’.

‘The test was horrible, It was invasive… It was painful.’The test not only confirmed to police Ms Pekin had been raped, but it also revealed she had contracted a sexually transmitted infection in the attack. The Pekin family’s torment was worsened by the fact the alleged predator was allowed to escape the country, and remains on-the-run.

A number of Facebook posts by Alafu, under a different name, including a picture he uploaded of the two together the night before, led to the Pekins family to believe it ‘evident’ he was the man who allegedly attacked their daughter.
Police were in possession of Alafu’s phone number, Facebook profile and current address, but the Pekin family says they did not do enough.

‘It’s just so hard to know what to do,’ Ms Pekin’s father, Karl, said. ‘It’s incredibly frustrating… They could have picked him up – he was still a threat.’It’s clear who he was, clear where he was, so we don’t know why he wasn’t picked up.’It was not until January 12, 18 days after the alleged attack, an attempt to arrest the Nigerian national.
Four of Alafu’s friends were arrested in a raid on the property on January 14, however it is believed he had escaped by that point. Police tracking revealed his phone was later used in Jakarta before being deactivated. His Facebook account was later opened from Nigeria.

Drama as Oritsefemi Unveils the lady who hacked his account (Photos)

When Oritsefemi sang Double Wahala he never knew he was pointing fingers at himself as the song has back fired at him. News of Oritse Femi's hacked account went viral yesterday and he has however unveiled the person behind the act. He took to his Instagram page this morning to share her picture and she happens to be his baby mama and her name is Blessing. 
Oritsefemi is a father of two daughters Aged 10 & 11respectively, they are from two different baby mamas and he had earlier said publicly in several interviews that he's not marrying either of them. So sad.

"Did Hashimu actually trek from Lagos to Abuja?" -Journalist questions

I thought I was the only one in doubt that Hashimu might have boarded several buses at intervals while trekking. Well, A journalist took to Twitter to question if Suleiman Hashimu actually trekked the whole distance.
Read his tweets below and share your thoughts....

The journalist later conceded defeat and shared the below tweets

Gov. Ayo Fayose & Buruji Kashamu Spotted Having Lunch At Roadside Restaurant (Photo)

Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose sure knows how to win the heart of his people with little gestures, Last week he stopped by the road side purchasing furnitures for his home and now himself and Ogun East senator-elect Prince Buruji Kashamu were spotted recently having lunch at a restaurant in Ado.

Zulu King Finally Calls For End To South Africa's #XenophobicAttacks On Foreigners

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini
Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini condemned attacks on foreign nationals as he tried to deflect criticism that his comments last month fuelled violence that left at least seven people dead.

Immigrants must be protected, irrespective of their nationalities, Zwelithini told thousands of members of South Africa’s biggest ethnic group at a stadium in the eastern port city of Durban.

Authorities must investigate the possibility of a “third force,” which is instigating the violence under the guise of Zulus, he said.

The monarch got a lot of stick after he was cited by the Durban-based Mercury newspaper on March 23 as saying in a speech that foreigners were depriving South Africans of economic opportunities and should return home. While the king’s office said his comments were misinterpreted, Johannesburg-based ENCA has broadcast an audio recording, which it said was Zwelithini speaking in Zulu, calling on immigrants to “take their bags and go back to where they come from.”

“There are many vile things being written in the news about me and the Zulu people,” Zwelithini, who was this time dressed in a formal business suit and tie, told his supporters on Monday. “I ask you to calm down and have peace as many people have died and I ask you to avoid the trap being set.”

Attacks against immigrants that began in Durban and surrounding townships less than two weeks ago spread to Johannesburg last week. A Mozambican man’s murder in Alexandra township in Johannesburg on April 18 was captured by photographs on the front page of the Sunday Times yesterday.

In January, at least six people died during attacks and looting of shops owned by mainly Somalis, Ethiopians and Pakistanis in townships around Johannesburg.

“Whether it be in rural or urban areas I ask all to adhere to the rule of law and show that we know how to behave,” Zwelithini said. “We are a nation that loves peace. I ask for peace to reign, dear Zulu people.”

He called for representatives of foreign nationals and the government to meet with the monarch to draw up a peace accord over the next three months.

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Have Not Visited Bruce Jenner Since His Breast Implant Surgery, Source Claims

 Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Have Not Visited Bruce Jenner Since His Breast Implant Surgery, Source Claims

As TrendyRammy reported, Bruce had breast implants in March and has been recovering at his Malibu mansion ever since.

According to radaronline,a family insider revelaed that, “Khloe hasn’t been up there since the breast implant surgery. She isn’t avoiding him, but has a lot going on in her life with various work projects, and of course Khloe’s love life is all drama.” She was spotted partying at Coachella this past weekend with little sis Kylie Jenner.

“They have exchanged numerous text messages, and phone calls,” the source said.

It's also reported that seventeen-year-old daughter, Kylie, still hasn’t visited her dad either.

“Kylie keeps promising to visit Bruce at his Malibu mansion, but she never shows,” an insider said “And most of the time, Kylie doesn’t even have the courtesy to call Bruce to say she isn’t coming!”

Obviously it has to be very hard for a teenager to have a father go through a sex change, and it seems she is embarrassed,” the source continued.

Actress Angela Okorie goes gangsta in new photos

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie shared her gangsta look from the set of a new movie. The yet to be released movie features herself and actress Queen Nwokoye. 
 peep below for more photos
angela okorie and queen nwonkoye

Singer Adokiye: See what she wore to church on Sunday (Photos)

An ardent reader just called my attention to Singer Adokiye's church outfit. According to the reader, Adokiye claims she wore this outfit to church on Sunday, if she really wore it does it suit its purpose? Are outfits like this ought to be worn to church, or is she of the believe that its the heart that matters when serving God.
Well,as for me I love her outfit most especially the Zanotti bag (That's if its the original one) and above all the ride behind is everything but if she really wore it to church then I think its wrong. 

Singer Adokiye

Singer Adokiye

Buhari has no certificate - Doyin Okupe insists

The Senior Special Adviser to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, has said that he stands by his words that the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, is not an electable leader.

Many critics of the All Progressives Congress candidate, including the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, who, in the buildup to the March 28 presidential election, condemned Buhari, had subsequently apologised after he won the election.

But Okupe, on Monday said he would stand by his words that Buhari, who he said had no West African Senior School Certificate, was not eligible to contest for President.

He stated on his official Facebook page, “These are very interesting times in our nation. An election has come and gone. A victor has emerged and the loser has conceded.

“Yet some of our folks are behaving as if we have just gone through a war between two hostile nations. The APC agents all over the place are unrelenting in their tirades of abuses, insults and lies against President Goodluck Jonathan, his aides and supporters.

3 year old Girl Kidnapped from Surulere Church has been Rescued in Ogun

Thank God guys, the little girl who was kidnapped in Surulere on Sunday has been found. She was rescued in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on Monday by the police and have since then reunited with her parents.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Oluwabunmi’s parents and other members of the church were inside the church immersed in the service when the incident happened.

The captors had pretended as members of the church and established rapport with children in the
church. Oluwabunmi’s friend cautioned her not to follow the strangers, who reportedly escaped through Nathan Street.

The service, it was learnt, was grounded when one of the toddler’s playmates alerted the congregation to the incident.

Speaking with Punch at about 8am on Monday, the victim’s father, Oladapo Ajelero, said the captors had contacted him on the phone, telling him to cooperate. He, however, said they had yet to request any ransom. He said:

“It happened around 1pm on Sunday. The children finished their service before us and were playing on the church premises; Oluwabunmi was among them.
Suddenly, one of her friends rushed in and said two men had lured and taken her away through the back of the church. Some people in the area said they saw her sitting between two men on a motorcycle. I learnt they escaped through Nathan Street.
Our hearts are broken, we don’t know what to do anymore. They have called and instructed me to cooperate. I am still expecting their calls, but for now they have not asked for any ransom.”

Oladapo explained further that one of his relatives went to Surulere Police Station to report, but he was told to come back and make a formal statement after 24 hours of the girl’s abduction.

PUNCH Metro who visited the church on Monday observed some members of the congregation lamenting the incident.

One of them, who identified herself only as Iya Tope, said she could not sleep throughout the night.

“It still appears to me like magic. I could not sleep. We have been praying over it since yesterday and I am sure she will come back to us safely,” she said.

A security guard of the church, Mr. Moses Oyedeji, said the kidnappers would have been rounded up if they had entered through the main entrance.

He said:

“I was on duty yesterday, but the children were playing at the back of the church. That was why I was not aware of the intrusion. It was when they had fled that her playmates said she was lured with Gala.”

A resident of the area, Simon Joseph, said he saw the girl, but he thought the men had come to the church for service.

“I was waiting for a friend outside when I saw those two men with the girl on a motorcycle. I thought they were family and were going back home until a few minutes later when people rushed out from the church and started looking for the girl,” he said.

A member of the church, who declined to mention his name, said that they learnt that the girl would be released if the family paid an undisclosed ransom to the kidnappers.

The Lagos Police spokesperson, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, however, said Olawunmi had been rescued by a police team drawn from divisions in the state, adding that he was not aware that the family paid any ransom. He said:

“The child has been found in Abeokuta, Ogun State and reunited with her parents. Investigations are ongoing to track down the kidnappers.”

The father, however, could not be reached for comments on the phone after the police confirmed that the girl had been rescued. Calls made to his line rang out and he had yet to reply to a text message sent to his number.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Toke Makinwa flashes b00bs in see through top (Photos)

Okay, so OAP Toke Makinwa stepped out in this ensemble recently. You all know I'm not always blunt when reporting news but this time I think I just have to hit the nail on the head because I was surprised when I saw this picture.
This look is so not it for Toke Makinwa considering her fashion sense, flashing her little boobs in a see through top despite her reputation (Its a big NO for me). Over to you guys, what do you think of her look?

OMG!!! See where this mum is breastfeeding her child (Photo)

This picture has gone viral since it made its way to social media. What do you all think of this act?

Kylie Jenner flaunts butt in a two-piece bikini (Photo)

Whenever I publish a post about Kylie Jenner, I always love to remind you all that she is 17-year-old.The reality star showed off her butt in a white two piece bikini as she chills in the pool at Scott Dissick’s mansion. Cool or not cool? I know most guys in the house, will scream COOL

Amber Rose is at it again, this time she says black men are not good at 0ral s3x

In the quest of promoting her new book "How to be a Bad Bitch on the Kandi Khated Nights show, Amber Rose talked about some interesting issues..She said, she likes powerful men and also feels black men can't give head because they are not good at 0ral s3x. 
On why 'strippers'are getting married before other women these days

she says

men are attracted to the confidence they exude Usually, what I do when I meet a man, I send him flowers.It depends.Something,maybe masculine?Like white roses or something like that.Listen, I like powerful men and love to dominate them.How you want a man to caress you, you should caress them too.It's not all about the women and I feel that's where we mess up sometimes.Usually, men will appreciate it because it's not often that they get something like that

On black men and oral sex,she said

Black men aren't really good at giving head.From my experience, black men aren't really that good at giving head.Y'all do too much.Yáll be too rough .I don't like to get toungue-f-ked either
I really don't like to get head.I prefer to give more than I receive.I get turned on giving head to someone I care about and watching their face and their reaction.That turns me on more than actually getting head.

See adorable picture of Van Vicker's family

Van Vicker's family
Pictured above is Ghollywood actor Van Vicker, his wife and cute kids. His wife's gene seems to be stronger than his. 

Chidinma Ekhile stuns in new photo

Chidinma Ehkile is definitely a stunner, no wonder all her male colleagues are crushing on her. 

Man trekking from Lagos to Abuja finally gets to his destination, he was welcomed like a HERO (Photos)

Hasheem Suleiman, the 33-year-old man who vowed to trek from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate Buhari's win has finally got to his destination.

When he arrived at Abuja, he was welcomed like a hero by thousands of people who celebrated him. I even heard that it caused a lot of traffic in the city. Do you think Hasheem should be called a hero?

See what these Chinese models indulged in all in the name of fame and money (Photos)

DailyMail reports that a group of beauty pageant contestants were made to put aside their fear of heights as they paraded on a narrow,glass covered mountain footpath in red bikinis and black high heels in a ‘test of their composure’.

The challenge was part of the central China stage of the annual Miss Bikini of the Universe contest, which has been running since 2005. One of the contestants, Yang Ningqing said,

‘First of all, it allowed us to become more courageous, and second it allowed us to practice our most fundamental skills,’This catwalk, even though it was a very crude catwalk, allowed us to show off our most beautiful posture.’

Another contestant, Wang Linwei, said:
‘I have never done training on a cliff, I’m not going to lie, it is a little scary.’ 
See more photos below:

Kourtney Kardashian: Reality Star shares photo of herself pumping breast milk

Kourtney Kardashian pumping breast milk
Kourtney Kardashian revealed that her number one priority is her son by sharing this seductive picture of her self with breast milk pumps. The picture was shared with the caption

'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.'

The photo caused uproar as many fans were of the opinion that she should have a private life.
I'm so sorry guys, this week started on a very stressful note but I'm back and I promise to deliver very juicy news as from tomorrow. I know you all missed me.

8 Fancy and Reputable Jobs In Nigeria That Doesn’t Pay Well (MUST READ)

Unemployment rate in Nigeria is very high, meaning job security is a big deal.Those with jobs would do anything to keep their jobs even if it doesn’t pay well, simply because “half a loaf is always better than none”.

There are certain jobs which are respected but people employed at these positions cry during the end of the month as salaries are meager.

Let’s take a look at some good-looking and comfortable jobs in Nigeria that pay way less than you can imagine.

Radio Presenter/TV Host

Unless if you are Wendy Williams or Ellen TheGeneral, the average radio presenter makes between #50k to #100k, some even do it for free. Hence why lots of radio presenters are being poached back and forth, provided the money is slightly good, they will make the move.

Bank Tellers/Cashier

Banking is one of the prestigious jobs in Nigeria, staying in an air-conditioned room the whole day spells comfort but the monthly compensations are nothing to talk home about. The average bank teller gets paid between #40 and #70k, that is if you work at one of the top banks. The good thing about banking jobs is, they get some privileges to buy stuff and pay in installments.

Hotel Receptionists

Don’t we all envy the neatly-dressed, excellent English-speaking ladies at the reception of hotels. Guess what, that is all they get in their job, respect, salaries are nothing to talk home about. According to our research, hotel receptionists make between #10 to #20k monthly.

It all seems fun and all, making people dance at parties and night clubs but 99% of DJ’s do it for free. The DJ’s who get paid reasonable amounts are a handful.

Until you make it to the level of the Genevieve’s and Mercy Johnson’s, forget ever calling acting a career. Toyin Aimakhu revealed that most actors (non A-list), amidst their flashy lifestyle get paid tiny amounts, between #20k to #50 per movie. Most YORUBA actors reveal that at the initial stages, you get paid #0 to #10k per movie until you breakthrough.


Until you are big with a huge following like Wizkid, the dreams of being a musician and living a flamboyant lifestyle will only remain a dream as the music business is not a very lucrative one. Most musicians spend everything they have and never get returns, even some top artists get paid between #5 to #15k per show, whilst some play for free in a bid to get recognition.

Fashion Designer

These days, everybody is a fashion designer, you just have to put an African print material in a t-shirt or ladies top and you are qualified. As such, the job doesn’t pay. Most fashion designers only get the fame and hype, the rest is between them and their mirrors at home.


Modeling is one of the least lucrative jobs in Nigeria. Most models, pose for photos and that is just about it. According to most models, they get paid for gigs [fashion shows etc.] but these gigs are not in abundance.

Do you know of any fancy job we didn’t add to the list? Let us know by commenting below.
Culled from FTV